The Choctaw Coliseum and Casino was the site for the Loretta Lynn Concert, held in Durant Oklahoma. The concert, marked the first time back on stage for Mrs. Lynn since she shattered her shoulder earlier this year. Loretta’s performance was a joyous combination of heart felt hits and a special Q&A session. Loretta Lynn’s style makes her audience feel warm and welcome.

There is a sense of family among Mrs. Lynn and her band. The “Coal Miners” consist of Bobby Vogal, Bart Hansen, Larry Barnes,Charlie Archer, Eric Kaberle, Craig Morris, Shelton Feazell, Lee Hilliard and Mike Lusk. This has got to be one of the best groups to take the stage in Country Music today. Peggy Lynn gave an amazing performance to open up the show. She was nominated for a CMA, along with her twin sister Patsy. “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” was the last song of the evening, but the highlight was the Gospel session that Mrs. Lynn performed with her group, “The Coal Miners.”

Loretta’s backstage guests included the Tribal Leaders of the Choctaw Nation and actress Ashlyn Dixon, the star of of the Sci Fi Series, “Paranormal.” Miss Dixon flew into Oklahoma from LA, so that she could attend the concert with her grandmother. “Loretta Lynn has had a major influence on my life.” says Dixon. ” She came from country roots, she surrounded herself with family and she never forgeot who she was. She is my role model.”

The Loretta Lynn Show will have limited tour dates, please visit  or more information. This is a show that you will not want to miss. It is inspirational for the entire family.