Stephen L. Betts – The Boot

Whether they’re issuing a strongly worded ultimatum or exacting retribution with verbal — if not actual — blows, these are The Boot’s 10 best girl fight songs of all time.

‘Fist City’
Loretta Lynn

Claws Out: “The man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can / And that’s what a you look like to me and what I see’s a pity”

There’s a good reason the coal miner’s daughter bookends our countdown. Loretta puts up her dukes, landing another knockout blow in the battle over her man. Unafraid to exit the ring with a clump of her rival’s hair in hand, Loretta puts trashy women — and philandering husbands — on notice.

‘You Ain’t Woman Enough’
Loretta Lynn
Claws Out: “He took a second look at you / But he’s in love with me”

Loretta was well aware her husband had something of a wandering eye, but rather than confront him in song, she took the trash out all on her own, addressing the “dime a dozen” women who didn’t stand a chance of getting in between her and her man. more!