by Beville Darden

Loretta Lynn apparently has some unwanted guests in her home — ghosts! The country legend has enlisted the help of celebrity ‘ghost whisperer’ James Van Praagh to rid her Hurricane Mills, Tenn. mansion of spirits.

Van Praagh’s visit to Lynn’s home was filmed by the TV show, ‘The Insider.’ He confirmed on camera that the home is indeed haunted by several ghosts, telling Lynn, “I think people were killed here,” and that he could see “blood everywhere.” Van Praagh was so spooked, in fact, that he broke his promise to spend the night in the house.

“I was going to stay the night,” Van Praagh explained. “But when they (spirits) said, ‘Get out,’ I thought, ‘I should probably get out.’ It feels like I’m in somebody’s place and they don’t want me to disrupt it.”

Legend has it that 19 Confederate soldiers were killed on Lynn’s property. It’s also said to be haunted by the plantation’s original owner, several of his slaves and a mysterious woman in white. Lynn purchased the home in the late ’60s.