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Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Ghost AdventuresZak, Nick and Aaron investigate their first celebrity home. In Hurricane Mills, TN they visit the famous Loretta Lynn Plantation House. The iconic “Queen of Country” herself, Loretta Lynn shares the paranormal encounters she has experienced in the house. Loretta first details her sighting of “the moaning woman.”

Over a century ago, a woman named Buela M. Anderson cried herself to death shortly after the loss of her baby. Loretta saw this apparition dressed in white pacing the balcony of the house. Loretta also relates an experience her son had in “the Brown Room” of the house, where the spirit of a Civil War soldier attempted to forcefully take off his boots. Next the team visits the basement that was once a slave pit, the cemetery and the mill. Each of these areas has paranormal stories associated with them.


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